Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We have a Customer Service Guarantee to all the stakeholders involved in a House Safety and Compliance inspection, these are the:

These stakeholders include:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Landlords
  • Tenants

We strive to ensure that the entire process, end-to-end is completely seamless for everyone. From bookings and inspections with the tenant, to invoicing and paperwork – we realise everyone leads busy lives and we’re here to make things as simple and easy as possible.

All inspections completed at the one visit to minimise disruption to the tenant.

We will always be honest, professional, and reliable in everything we do.

Competitive Pricing Guarantee

We believe in a simple, straightforward and transparent pricing model that gives you the best value.

  • No subscription fees or ongoing contracts
  • No expensive and unnecessary sign In or top up fees
  • No annual recurring fees
  • Unlimited gas appliances included in our one standard rate

With Safe Inspect – we give you our best price upfront with our single pricing model. You won’t find any other hidden expenses or confusing pricing models.

Why are we cheaper than our competitors? To put is simply – our pricing is fair and transparent that delivers the best value to our customers. You’ll also get the exact same inspection and compliance service by our team of licenced tradespeople under the Australian Standards.

Service & Safety Guarantee

Our number one priority at Safe Inspect is to ensure that every home is Safe and Compliant – our inspection service will ensure peace of mind by protecting you and your family, pets and important personal items.

If further repairs and maintenance works are required as a result of non compliance, we will provide a competitive quote for rectification work.

Our reports are easy to read and clearly identify any issues.

Our team of licenced tradespeople are experts in their field. We keep up to date with the legislation to ensure you’re Safe and Compliant.

Learn About The Current Legislation

Recent changes to the Residential Tenancy Act introduced the Residential Tenancy Regulations 2021.

Get In Contact

Get in contact with any questions or enquiries you have and will get back to you as soon as we can.